CDA Ships 1st units with magnetic encoder!
March 31, 2017

CDA is proud to announce our 1st shipment of a new product that uses a Non-Contact Magnetic Encoder in place of traditional analog commutation devices.  This encoder module does not add anything to the overall length of the unit compared to our standard field directors, and only a minor increase in diameter  compared to the standard field director.  This encoder can be added to any of CDA’s existing motor offerings for any customer that wishes to have digital commutation and position feedback all encapsulated in 1 module. 

CDA will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about this new product, its uses, and where it may be of a some benefit for our customers.

CDA Open on 10/7/16
October 7, 2016

Following CDA's closure on Thursday, 10/6/16 for Hurricane Matthew, CDA will reopen at 9am today. All employees are asked to return to the office at this time.

CDA Completes Harmonic Drive Integration
April 29, 2015

CDA recently completed integration of a Harmonic Drive gearbox with a CDA manufactured motor and will begin qualification testing at the beginning of May.

CDA's 0.50" Motor Defined
December 31, 2013

CDA Awarded Contract for Antenna Actuators for Solar Orbiter
October 23, 2013

CDA Selected for Solar Array and Arm Motors on OSIRIS-REx
December 20, 2012

CDA to Add 1/2 Frame Motor
September 5, 2012

New to the CDA lineup of modular actuators is the 1/2" motor and gear train. The 1/2" frame is a scaled down version of CDA's semi-custom modular product line and follows the same design practices used in the other seven frame sizes.

CDA's semi-custom modular design concept enables this new product to take advantage of CDA's extensive flight heritage, allowing for flight qualification by similarity of design in most space and aerospace applications.

These actuators will also take advantage of CDA’s heritage in extreme temperature and pressure environments such as those encountered in down hole Oil & Gas and cryogenic space exploration.

The 1/2" motor is initially being developed as a "long stack" in order to offer similar performance as the current 3/4" standard products. The expected nominal torque output is expected to be near 1 oz-in for the long stack but is scalable to other configurations as necessary.

Please contact us if you would like any additional information regarding this new product offering.

CDA Awarded Contract for Launch Lock Drive Motor on Classified Satellite
January 18, 2012